絹布紙+印刷 / KINU-FU-SHI + Printing


#78、#79 でもご紹介させて頂いたubushinaオリジナルクロス絹布紙(きぬふし)。










KINU-FU-SHI, introduced also in previous articles #78 and #79, is a combined product of the Echizen-Washi paper and dyed thin silk cloth.

This is simply beautiful as it is, but it becomes even more beautiful and interesting in expression with other colors on it as printing.

Abstract pattern goes well, or a fine pattern such as Edo-komon also gives an charming atmosphere differently - Ideas are infinite!

Painting colors can be put on directly on the KINU-FU-SHI cloth, but we recommend to use clear color before painting to keep the original beauty of KINU-FU-SHI’s texture.

The atmosphere of painted KINU-FU-SHI, depending on design, is so beautiful that it can be presented as an art work!

As shown here, KINU-FU-SHI’s way of use seems expanding!