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When you hear “KIRIKO”, you probably think of glasses or tableware first, but we apply KIRIKO work for various interior objects which are represented by the KIRIKO Skytree object. Please refer:

This time, introduced here, KIRIKO is used for a part of furniture.

KIRIKO as an accent for a meeting table - this was the client’s request.

First, the board glass was cut into round donut-shape, then KIRIKO processing applied on it.

The donut-shaped glass was cut into 4 parts for processing reason, but thanks to the artisan’s great work, the KIRIKO patterns on and around joint areas fit beautifully.

The requirement for KIRIKO processing is "The base glass should be transparent”. So in case the base color is transparent, then easy-to-get ready-made board glass is applicable for KIRIKO.

There is a restriction in size for processing - Max. size: approx. 300x300mm.

KIRIKO pattern itself is so gorgeous like an art, so we recommend this processing as an beautiful accent for your interior or objects!!