シルクシェード / Silk Shade




#9 でも詳しく説明しておりますが、今回はubushnaオリジナル照明用に出来上がってきた試作品で4種をご紹介します!












The shade made of 100% silk - crafted by winding up against the mold of shade with the raw silk reeled off cocoons each by each.

Also explained the detail of the silk shade in #9, today we would like to introduce 4 kinds of prototypes of ubushina’s original lighting line-up, shown in the photos accordingly:
- Basic windings, detailed natural checkered pattern.
- Modified checkered pattern with regular bold lines.
- Stripes pattern, giving beautiful gradation of light.
- Random windings, taking advantage of strength and beauty of the silk.

Size is phi=180mm globe shape. Excellently goes with light - One of our best recommended products!!

The usage ideas vary. For example, placing 1 lighting at counter or entrance would be nice as an accent, or placing several lightings on a long table or over the shop floor would produce a soft and warm soft atmosphere.

You can directly check the real products at IFFT Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight in November, 2015, which we are joining. Looking forward to your visits at the venue!!

■IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living - Nov. 25-27, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight