指物 / Woodworking Joints














SASHI-MONO, woodworking joints, is the wood joining method without nails or any other joint tools, and also means the products in general, such as furniture, box, and interior fittings.

KYO-SASHI-MONO and EDO-SASHIMONO are famous. It is said that technically speaking, there is not much difference between them, but the difference is in the cultural background.

KYO-SASHIMONO has focused on beautifulness as an art than practical usage. Products are mainly tea-ceremony goods or high-class furniture for wealthy people. On the other hand, EDO-SASHIMONO has paid attention to the simpleness on the surface and the beautifulness and detail work on backside, that is alongside EDO people’s sense of beauty. Products are mainly ordinary tools or furniture for common people.

Using mortise and tenon joint or other various joint methods, the structural details come out and becomes an graphical expression.
Taking much account on the detailed parts is unique sense of beauty in Japan. 

Why don’t you apply SASHI-MONO as not only structural technique, but also as an artistic graphical pattern?