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Recently we just managed a very interesting project of making quite large art pictures for pillars as big as Dia.8m × H2.1m, located in a restaurant.
The pictures are placed on a “Haku”-processed Washi, i.e. the foiled Japanese traditional paper.

As you might easily guess, it IS quite tough task to paint a picture on such a big canvas. Therefore, we applied some recent technologies for this projects i.e. the Large scale scanning and the Special printing technology on the foil.

The process if as follows: First, scan the original picture which is drawn in 1/4 scale, and make the data from it. Then, enlarged that data to the real size and printed it on the foiled Washi paper.

Well, it might sound easy when explained in words like above, but, in fact, it is NOT that easy! This project became only possible with the latest technologies developed in recent years.

It is said that this scanning technology itself has been originally used in the field of art for digital restoration to preserve National Treasures - so, this might be applied to other fields sooner.

We, at ubushina projects, are rather keen on challenging such a cool combination of the latest technology x the traditional art crafts - So feel free to contact and suggest us if you come up with any challenging, exciting ideas!!!