竹の染め加工 / Coloring Bamboo
























Speaking about coloring Bamboo, carbonizing and coloring are the main methods.
When carbonizing, the bamboo becomes dark brown, while coloring is just the same as painting, the texture of bamboo can be lost...

How can we dye the bamboo?
We thought of an idea for this question - "How about applying cloth- dyeing method to Bamboo?”
Then we asked an dyeing artisan who excels in vegetable dyeing.
“I have no experience coloring bamboo, but I’m willing to try this as it sounds very fun!” she said. We are so glad she willingly support our trying out!

Our tried "Dyeing Bamboo" process is as follows;

First, the dyeing artisan told us what is important as the pre-processing step:
1) Prepare HIGO, the cut into pieces of bamboo, with the top coat skin peeled as it shines and block dyeing colors.
2) Bleach the bamboo as the natural bamboo colors disturb dyeing colors.

Then we visited Bamboo production place and got HIGO made, and brought them to the dyeing artisan. She was impressed the beautifully prepared HIGO bamboo, and got more motivated for the trying out.

Starting our tryout, we faced some troubles. The oil of the bamboo repels the dyestuff and prevents getting it dyed.
Also removing the color is not easy as decoloration using caustic soda is of some danger.

Heated up Y[%] of Material X until it reached T[deg.C], then boiled it for t[min], taking data many times - it was just like an chemical experiment!!

Putting colors against its natural color would not be an easy task - We would have liked to apply vegetable dyeing if possible, but unfortunately it could not be possible. Therefore, we, in the end, took chemical dyeing to realize the colorful bamboos.

Do you have any ideas how to use this beautiful colorful bamboos?

We at Ubushina are doing several trials like this, so if you have any applying idea or thoughts, just feel free to contact us!!