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アルミ自体が染色されるものなので、メッキやコーティングのように剥がれる心 配がなく、

身近なものでは、iphoneなどスマートフォンの背面をイメージして頂けると分かり易 いと思います。






Anodic oxide coating is a coloring method of Aluminum.

This method works in the following way;

First, soak aluminum into the electrolytic solution to get decomposed, resulting in the anodic oxide coating on the aluminum surface.

Then, color the coating by putting dyestuff into lots of very fine holes(10-30 [micro-meter]) made on the coating surface.

By this way, aluminum itself is colored by dying, therefore it does not peal off like plating or painting. Also, the original sharpness or shine of the metal can remain, which is a great characteristic of this method.

A familiar example for you would be backside surfaces of smart phones such as iPhone©.

The example shown here in the photo got fine-blasted before anodic oxide coating, which made its unique atmosphere of matte but shiny expression - this should excite technical lovers, shouldn’t it!?

This processing must have image for rather industrial products, but it is possible to be applied interior or art like this.

Its future wider applications are expected, and any new ideas are welcomed!!