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曲線の仕切りと、組子の取り合いのディテールの納まりは、本当に細やかな仕事で しびれます!




KUMIKO woodwork have been picked-up several times here before, but today I’d like to show you one of the most detailed and challenging KUMIKO work ever which recently done in a project.

For KUMIKO, traditional Japanese patterns are used as usual, but this time the surface divided into several parts by curves, and place KUMIKO woodwork patterns in each part.

The work consisted of the curves and KUMIKO fitting around them are so detailed beyond description - THE artisan’s work, indeed!

The outcome product is so beautiful that you can see it for hours and hours...

Originally KUMIKO is a decoration of fittings e.g. sliding doors, but it should be called an ART when it's up to here, shouldn't it?

KUMIKO itself is straight-line based pattern, but combined with curves shown here it becomes more warm and gentle impression.